eakin® Pelican Paediatric Drainable – Convex

1 PieceDrainableConvexPaediatric/Neonatal

Designed with children in mind with a hypo-allergenic barrier which is kind and gentle on the skin and is ultra-thin and moulds to create a secure fit. It offers an advanced filter system to help control odour. The silky soft teddy bear printed fabric pouch has a split fabric backing to view the stoma and position the pouch with ease and accuracy. The drainable pouch with clipless closure system provides maximum security and is easy to use and clean due to the large opening and tab.

The drainable convex pouch provides additional security by moulding comfortably to the body contours and providing a snug fit around the stoma reducing the risk of leakage. They can be used if the stoma is flush or retracted to minimize leakage and aid prevention of sore skin.

Also available in flat.

Plateau Size
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Split Fabric CTF 5-30mm
Size: 5-30mm
Volume: 275ml
Colour: Split Fabric