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Granulomas are the tiny, raised red lumps that you see appearing around the edge or on the stoma tissue. It is commonly seen and a combination of friction, moisture and bacteria from the stool could cause this. It is important to measure the size of your hole and baseplate correctly, else it might lead to friction due to the hole rubbing on the edge of the stoma. If you have gained weight or developed hernia, your stoma might become larger and the hole size that you are using in your baseplate may not be the most appropriate.

If you notice any irregularities/growth around/on your stomal tissue/edge, see a STN or surgeon to make sure it is nothing to be concerned about. Granulomas can be easily treated especially, when they are small in size, so please see a STN early. Inflammation and bleeding due to the granuloma can sometimes make cleaning around your stoma difficult and it may also affect the application of your stoma products. The STN’s will recommend silver nitrate to treat the granuloma. Silver nitrate reduces the inflammation and decreases the bleeding due to the granuloma.