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Cleaning skin around stoma

The skin around your stoma should look like the skin on the other side of the abdomen. If you have any rashes or wounds or irritation that are not healing/improving even after a tweak to your stoma care plan ,seek the advise of a STN. Avoid using products that have not been prescribed to you, as they can make the situation worse.

The best way to cleanse your stoma is in the shower. If you choose to remove your pouch and then get into the shower, water should not be too hot. If you choose to remove the pouch after the shower, use a lint free cloth that can be bought from the supermarket; no commercial products such as baby wipes, etc. should be used, as these can affect the adherence of your bag. Always cleanse the area around your stoma gently with warm water, pat the area dry with a lint-free cloth.