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How do I manage hair growth around my stoma?

This topic might be more relevant for men.

A lot of hair around the stoma might affect the adherence of your product to the skin and also make removal of products painful/challenging. So, it is important to keep the hair growth around the stoma to a minimum. It has been observed in a lot of patients that the adhesion and removal of ostomy bags over the years slows down the growth of hair around the stoma.

It is a good idea to use clippers/razor to remove the hair around the stoma to manage the hair growth. However, it is important to protect your stoma while doing so. You could use a cylindrical piece of cardboard to protect your stoma and then use clippers/razor to shave the hair around your stoma, without worrying about causing damage to your stoma from the sharp edges. It is not suggested to use soap around your stoma however, it might be necessary to use soap to easily shave off the hair around your stoma. After clipping/shaving, make sure that you wash the area around the stoma well with a lot of warm water to remove any residual soap.