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Can I go swimming with a stoma?

Yes, you can! There are minimal limitations on what you can do with a stoma.

We encourage returning to your normal activities and hobbies as soon as you feel able to and your surgical wounds have healed.

As far as swimming is concerned, we encourage you to enjoy your swim as you would have prior to having a stoma. Just empty your pouch prior to entering the water.

Your stoma appliance is designed not to leak, so check your seal is intact before you enter the water, put on your favourite swimming costume, and you can enjoy your swim, without any effect on your stoma.

Stoma appliances are water resistant, not water proof, so we encourage you to change your bag, once you are out of the water. Immersing a stoma appliance in water can make the base plate waterlogged and could lead to decreased wear time and eventually leakage, if the adhesive gets too moist.

Changing your appliance as part of your routine after swimming is a good way to ensure it is fresh and clean. It will give you the confidence that your appliance is secure.