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Can Manuka Honey be Effective in the Stoma Skin Environment?

Every year thousands of people undergo surgery that results in the formation of either an intestinal or urinary stoma. While advances in surgical techniques, pouching technology and STN access have led to better outcomes for this patient group, shorter hospital stays have resulted in significantly less time for patients to learn ostomy cares before discharge. With a direct relationship between skin damage and quality of life1, ostomy patients are dependent on the integrity of their peristomal skin to maintain a normal life. Herlufsen et al.2 found that 80% of their study co-hort (n=202) did not seek treatment for their damaged skin. They remain hidden ostomy casualties. This case study poses the question could this be prevented? This case study will present Mitchell’s stoma journey with multiple deeply eroded, ulcerated peristomal skin lesions.

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