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Building Confidence and QOL of a Urostomate with eakin Pelican

Patient background: Marie is an 80 year old woman who in January 2020 had an ileal conduit for chronic interstitial cystitis. Marie had suffered with severe pain and urine frequency and was exhausted with a lack of sleep by the time she decided to have her bladder removed (cystectomy) and formation of her urinary stoma. Marie started out with a Mio one piece urostomy shallow convex pouch. She had very limited stomal therapy education and support whilst in hospital and she basically went online and taught herself how to manage her urinary stoma.

Clinical presentation: Marie had issues with leakage and peristomal skin breakdown with her Coloplast Mio pouch. Marie said she was unable to go out and shop or see her friends. Marie felt fragile and unsupported in this period of her life (Image 1).

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