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How many stoma products am I allowed?

Australia: In Australia, the Stoma Appliance Scheme allowance is the amount of each type of product you can be supplied with each month. Your Stomal Therapy Nurse and stoma association will provide you with information on what your monthly allowance is depending on the type of stoma you have. and your Stomal Therapy Nurse will make sure you know how to order them each month. Some products have restrictions, however your Stomal Therapy Nurse will advise you of further details if needed. The monthly allowance will easily cater to most people’s needs but if you are needing extra supplies, discuss with your Stomal Therapy Nurse or stoma association.

New Zealand: Ostomy products are provided free of charge to New Zealand residents. While there are a large number of ostomy products available internationally, not all of them are available in New Zealand. The type and number of different products available in New Zealand is controlled by the government agency Pharmac. The amount of product you will be supplied with will be determined by government guidelines and your individual needs. As you recover from surgery, your stoma may change in shape and size. There will be an expected period where reassessment and possible need for product changes will occur. This process will be managed by your Stomal Therapy Nurse. Once the right product for you has been found, your Stomal Therapy Nurse will place an ongoing order for your product with a supplier (HSL, USL, etc.) and they will usually be delivered to your home.