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How can I get in touch with a Stomal Therapy Nurse?

The Stomal Therapy Nurse at the hospital where you had your surgery should advise you on how and when to make contact with a Stomal Therapy Nurse, depending on where you live and your circumstances. Some hospitals will offer outpatient services, while others may refer you to a community based specialist nurse. It is generally advised to see your Stomal Therapy Nurse every 1-2 years, even if you feel everything is going well. Think of it as an important part of your usual routine health checks. Always remember that small, simple issues can be resolved more easily if expert advice is sought sooner rather than later.

In Australia, the national organisation for Stomal Therapy Nurses has a website, where you can “Find a Stomal Nurse” by state or territory, so this may be helpful if you have lost touch with a Stomal Therapy Nurse or have moved interstate. The link is www.stomaltherapy.com.