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How do I store and dispose of pouches?

Storage All stoma products should be stored in a cool dry place. The adhesive products can be affected by exposure to heat, which means your bathroom may not be the best place in your home. Monitor your stock levels so you don’t accumulate excessive amounts that may expire in the near future. Remember to rotate your stock, so using the old stock before the new. Do not keep supplies in the car, especially if you live in a hot or humid climate.

New Zealand ostomates If you are becoming overstocked please let your Stomal Therapy Nurse know.

Australian ostomates Do not over-order, remember the quantities allowed do not have to be ordered every month and you are able to skip an order if you find yourself over-stocked. 

Disposing of used products The contents of a used pouch should be emptied down the toilet, securely wrapped and sealed before disposal in the outside weekly garbage collection.  If you are away from home use the same system: empty, wrap and dispose. You are allowed to use the facilities in a public disability bathroom to achieve privacy and access to a private bin. Always carry a disposable nappy bag with you in case you need to wrap and take it with you. Sadly not all public toilet facilities have a rubbish bin provided within the bathroom area. Women are able to dispose of used products in the sanitary bins. Those who live in rural areas without a regular garbage collection may have to bury or burn products with their household rubbish. Check with your local council authorities if unsure.

In Australia, pouches must never be flushed down the toilet.

In New Zealand, there is a brand of pouch specifically designed to be flushable. Speak to your Stomal Therapy Nurse to find out more.