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Providing a Positive Outcome for a Patient with Ongoing Stoma Pain & Peristomal Skin Issues using Aurum 2 Piece Convex Appliance

The Patient
Mrs K is a pleasant 68 year old grandmother, who is fully independent and now retired.

In 2008 she underwent a Right Hemicolectomy for bowel cancer. Her recovery was essentially unremarkable.

Her past medical history includes Asthma, Gord, Hepatitis C, Lap banding surgery (later removed), depression and back pain. Mrs K has a mild allergy to surgical tapes and her skin is moderately tattooed with an interesting assortment of coloured inks. Her abdomen is scarred from multiple surgical procedures.

Since her initial surgery, Mrs K has been suffering from increased and uncontrollable chronic faecal incontinence. Despite numerous medically prescribed drug treatments and lifestyle adjustments, her symptoms worsened and seriously affected her daily living. Her mood swings and increasing depressive illness impacted heavily on her ability to function normally. As a result, managing employment was difficult.

After much consideration, and in consultation with her Surgical team, Mrs K underwent a Laparoscopy, Laparotomy and formation of an end colostomy in 2019, eleven years post her initial bowel surgery.

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