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Omnigon re-brand

Omnigon decided a re-brand was required to bring the company into a new era showing healthcare professional and people living with a stoma alike that we provide the most current products, technology and information available.

The Omnigon re-brand is an evolution, modern, dynamic, progressive, appropriate and leads into the future. It has a caring encompassing feel.

The overlapping shapes in the icon represent caring and enveloping. It is flexible and multidimensional. Layering of the shapes represent different levels of care and show that we’ve got you covered. It portrays confidence, we want to look new, leading into a new generation.

It’s not all about how we look it’s what we say. Care Solutions is used as part of our communication platform, a marketing supporting line. We present ourselves as Omnigon and we provide care solutions.
We are a caring company. We care.

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